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Some of the most successful advertising comes in the form of video content. It makes sense, because everyone loves to be told a story, to be entertained, even if that story or entertainment is about a product or service. Here are some numbers that show you why:

  • Roughly 340,000 years worth of video is watched online every day.IM Video bullet point graphics
  • 500 video links are tweeted every minute.
  • 68% of viewers share video link swhich means more awareness for your brand.
  • More than 50% of the videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community which gives you a new way to engage with your customers.
  • Having a video on the home page of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search.
  • The average user spends no more than 43 seconds looking at a text and image based website, but they spend almost six full minutes looking at sites that include videos.
  • Customers that watch videos of products or services are 85% more likely to make a purchase than customers who do not.

From short “splash” videos that grab your customers’ attention to detailed service commercials, Integrity Media has what it takes to make your brand a cut above the rest.

Services Offered



Whether your vision is simple or complex, preplanning is essential. Only have a rough idea of what you want? No problem. Collaborative brainstorming generates a variety of options for you to move forward with, and allows us to understand your company, your vision, and your brand, so we can deliver the ultimate video that is fitted to your unique needs.


While you are welcome to provide your own script for the commercial, we recommend using our
in-house screenwriting services to streamline the preproduction process. We know how to specifically format scripts for length, camera instruction, actors, and postproduction special effects..


Once you have decided on the concept and a script has been written, storyboards are made to plan out the shots. Storyboards are the visual “script” of the video which ensure efficient use of time, money, and resources.

Shooting Schedule

An order for shooting will be established so the actors and locations can be ready when needed and movement of the film equipment can be kept to a minimum.


On location filming at your place of business is available in the Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego) area only, while in-studio or green-screen services are available nationwide. To keep it simple, our day rate for filming includes professional audio, lighting, portable green screen, and camera equipment. The more complicated shoots require more equipment, which affects setup and teardown times.

On-Location Filming

Integrity Media films on-location, which is where our day rates apply. Our crew will bring the necessary equipment (camera, lights, audio, etc.) to shoot all the necessary footage needed. On average, it takes 12 hours to set up the equipment. Depending on the needs of your project, we may be using a green screen, track and dolly system, or even our 12′ Kessler Crane.

Studio Filming

Our in-house studio located in Irvine CA, is the ideal environment for applying the green screen effect. First we film professional actors in front of a green screen. Next we use a special software program that allows us to remove the green screen, so all that remains are the actors. We are then able to virtually place the actors on a preprogrammed set, or we can build a brand new one in our 3D program.

Voice Over

Integrity Media uses professional actors for voice over work. Depending on the intended audience, the voice used in your video project can reflect professionalism and trustworthiness, high energy and fun, or whatever your brand requires.


We understand that you may not wish to be in your own video, so Integrity Media has a pool of local professional talent ready to star in your video production. You can choose from a range of ages and ethnicities depending on the needs of your concept.

If you think this sounds complicated and time consuming, you’re right. This is where being a geek comes in handy, and only video professionals experienced in green screen filming can deliver a high-quality final product.


Now the real magic begins. The computers are fired up, and we bring your vision to life!



The heart of postproduction is the editing process. Our editors select the best angles, lighting conditions, and performances to highlight your products and services.

Titles & Graphics

From simple to ornate, proper titles can greatly enhance the impact and comprehension of your video. From lower thirds (text that stretches across the lower third of the video frame) to intricate animated backgrounds, custom and stock graphics are available to polish your video’s message.

Sound Sweetening, Music and SFX

Sound sweetening is a term used to make the audio sound pristine and clear, for example giving a person’s voice a lift, (sometimes called depth) so it doesn’t sound flat. Of course, no production is complete without music and sound effects enveloping it. We have massive libraries of each, so your video sounds alive and vibrant.

Special Effects

Special effects can be applied to bring a dynamic element to your video production. Our vast library of special effects includes almost everything you could imagine (and probably some you didn’t), and we are more than happy to custom design effects to fit your needs.

Virtual Set Creation

Instead of being filmed in a real, physical location, a virtual set is created using software and is inserted during the editing process to be used as the background of your video. With virtual set creation, your imagination is the only limit.

3D Animation

We design a 3D representation of your brand’s logo to be used in the beginning, the end, or the centerpiece of your film.



Once a video is edited and ready, the process called rendering begins- the computer method that generates each frame of the video. The simpler a film is, the faster it renders. Extremely complex videos, and particularly those with 3D animation, will take longer.


Once the video is rendered, the next step is to prepare it for broadcasting on the web. The original video file is too large to stream on the web, so we compress it. The result is a video that downloads/streams quickly with out loss of original quality.

Web Upload

After your video is compressed, it is uploaded to the web. Integrity Media Media can host your video or you may host it yourself.



How Much Post-Production is Needed?

This question is asked quite often. Typically, every day of shooting usually needs 2-3 days of post production work. For an incredibly graphics/special FX intensive project such as creating custom virtual sets, that timeframe could be greater.

Do you provide assistance with script writing?

We sure do! We gladly offer full script writing services so all you need to do is review it or we can offer proofreading for scripts you write yourself.

What’s the process for selecting the right voiceover talent?

Once you have decided the type of voice you are looking for (man, woman, deep, animated, etc), we will provide you with a selection of audio samples so you can pick the right ‘voice’ for your video (we will give our opinion if asked). After listening to several samples, clients are usually able to select one.

Where do I begin?

Many clients have an idea about a concept but need help developing that idea into an actionable plan. Our comprehensive pre-production services is all about-taking an idea, cultivating it and preparing it for production.

Will green screen filming package work for my video project?

Our in-house studio green-screen package works for many video projects. By filming against a green screen, we have many options when editing your video.

Can I select the talent in my video?

Yes. We work with a variety of professional actors of all ages and ethnicities. Once we determine what type of actor you prefer (man or woman and age range), we provide you with multiple choices and you’ll be able to view samples of their work. If asked, we’ll offer our recommendations as to who would best represent your company’s image.

How long does a typical project take?

The time depends on the complexity of your project and other factors, such as whether or not we are filming on location and the amount of filming that needs to be done. It usually takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks though we are no stranger to working with time restraints.

“Video was not something that was at the forefront of our budget however, our business relies on the leads from our website. With the exponential growth of video on the web year after year, we made the decision to move forward with a video. The video Integrity Media created for us was extremely powerful and has increased our conversion rates to record highs!”

- Excel Bridge

“We often produce our own videos in-house but when our international marketing team needed a video that was used to wow our customers, we decided to use an outside agency. Integrity Media was close to our location and had the talent to produce CGI that would take our videos to the next level. Not only was the video project a huge success, it was at a price that fit our budget and allowed us to produce several high-porducion videos a year.”

- Kingston Technologies