The Most Essential Piece of Film Equipment for Expert Videographers

Nowadays with equipment costs shrinking and the increasing number editing tools available, it seems that just about everyone can make a good video. But how do you make GREAT videos? In this increasing world of competition you have to create unique quality videos in order to stand out from the crowd which is why it is imperative to invest in unique filming equipment such as drones.


A Filmmaker’s Dream

It’s time to push away negative reputations, the fact of the matter is drones are very helpful tools, specially for videographers. How to put this lightly…we can’t! Drones are like a dream come true for all filmmakers. Just the thought of all the different possibilities of finding even more creative shots and amazing footage make our hearts skip a beat. Technology just keeps making our lives more exciting every day. And the best part is that they are so affordable! Sure, the best drones can cost quite a fortune but luckily the cost of commercial drones have been lowered exponentially over time making it easier for even the most frugal filmmakers to purchase. Drones are still not be the cheapest video equipment but it is definitely a great investment if you are going for professional videography and creative flexibility. For the sake of awesomeness though let’s view a sample of a pricey drone.

Brain Farm shoots first-ever Ultra HD Phantom Flex4k drone footage @ BrainFarm

Best Investment

Drones are a win all around because they are both money savers and producers. Think about how much money you are saving by not having to hire an actual helicopter and pilot to get that smooth million dollar shot overlooking the city! But the greatest part is that the creative director is completely in control of the shot. You direct the drone and you don’t even need to exchange any words! Think about just how hard it must have been for the director to communicate with the director of photography and the pilot back in the day to get that perfect bird’s eye action shot. Directors can now get that perfect impressive shot without all that hassle by investing in a drone. And once you have that shot in your reel who is not going to want to hire you? You are clearly going above and beyond everyone else.


The Sky’s the Limit

Harnessing a drone will definitely make you a better filmmaker because it will allow you to go further on ahead to capture places and people in a way you never thought you could while still being able to play it safe. Because drones are so small they are able to get tighter and more intimate shots of people doing amazing things that you yourself could not do especially while holding a camera to film the action. Moreover because drones are airborne it is easier to track an entire journey through impossible terrains such as water and snow, something you would not be able to do with a dolly. And obviously, last but not least you can get a very nice high shot that no one could attain with even the highest crane. But more importantly, with drones you are able to get these stunning shots without ever putting yourself in danger.

Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video @NationalGeographic

Being Safe

That being said, it is highly possible to get yourself in trouble with authorities or to put other people in danger which is why you must take the time to truly master your device and abide by drone flight regulations. Moreover, it is also vital that you inform yourself about how much your drone can truly handle. Unless you have a lot of money to sacrifice multiple drones like the people in the video above, you best be sure you are playing it safe with your drone. Here are a few tips regarding drone flight:

#10 DJI Phantom Tutorial – First Flight (Tips & Hints)Tom’s Tech Time

You can check out our drone in action through our Instagram. Good luck flying your drone!