What is TeleMarque? – Video


TeleMarque is the future of walk-in medical. This was a big production from IMC. We shot seven videos for TeleMarque over two days. We hired a host, actors, make-up, hair, and two directors of photography to help split up the shooting into two units and get as much footage as possible. The main commercial was to show actors in real life scenes getting hurt or sick and requiring medical attention. The key point of the video was to show how easy, safe, and affordable these TeleMarque locations really are. We had a special effects person on set to create scars and someone having a flu look. We used real doctors in the video acting like they were in a real consolation. The other videos were doctors & the host talking about all the things TeleMarque does. Another great thing was sense we didn’t have time to move locations and shoot at the Green Screen at our office we made one at their office and it turned out looking great. The client was happy and said the videos have helped business and awareness for the TeleMarque locations. If you go into one of their many locations you’ll see the pictures/videos we shot for them playing on their.