Swing Caddie Video


Swing Caddie Video

The Swing Caddie video was shot at Dove Canyon Country Club in Southern California. In this commercial the two leads were professional golfers. We didn’t want to cast normal actors because we wanted to have them doing near perfect golf swings. On the day of the shoot it ended up being so windy outside that we had a lot of clean up with sound ahead of us. But with the advanced tools at our disposal we cleaned it up and you can’t tell how truly windy it was that day.


About the Product

Swing Caddie is the new device for golfers to work on their swing distances and keep track of how far you hit each club. We recommend the Swing Caddie for golfers who identify with one or more of the characteristics below:
You aren’t sure how much distance you get with each club.
You have difficulty selecting a club while on the course.
You lack confidence with approach shots between 30 and 80 yards.
Your shot distance is low, relative to your swing speed.
You seek practice ranges with short distances.
Your practices are inefficient and boring.