BiggiFi Product Video


BiggiFi ProductVideo

IMC created a Biggifi Product Video that gave an overview as well as explained the product’s offering, step-by step.


About BiggiFi

BiggiFi is a new and exciting gadget that lets use your TV to show what’s on your iPhone/Android device. This is an up and coming company that wanted a video to help jump-start this amazing product. They decided to go the co-founding route and do a Kick-Starter video. We can up with a script and video idea that in less then 4 minutes would grab people’s attention and make it so they couldn’t resist this gadget. In the video we had a host in front of a green screen showcasing all there is on this amazing little devise. The shoot was fun and all the actors in it had a great time being filmed playing videos games from the phone to the TV. The Kick-Starter video was a success for the company and they were able to come up with the money they needed to get the product out and to the public like they desired.
BiggiFi is made up of an extraordinary group of successful inventors, entrepreneurs and leaders who have come together to bring a family-fun experience to our consumers through our product.